Robot Coupe R2N Review – 2021

No kitchen is complete without one or multiple food processors in it. Whether you own a restaurant or you are a serious cook, you need a food processor to make things easy for you. However, most of the products from the market are either too clingy, or the sharp blades are a potential threat to you or your workers. Therefore, you need an efficient food processor that gets the job done without harming anyone. The Robot Coupe R2N is one such food processor that can fulfill your every requirement. In this Robot Coupe R2N review, I will discuss in detail everything that you need to know before buying this combination food processor.


  • Volume                            3 quarts
  • Capacity (cups)               12
  • Material                          PLASTIC
  • Weight                             31.0 pound
  • Voltage                            120 Volts
  • RPM                                1,725
  • Warranty                         1-year
  • Combination Food Processor


The first thing that you need to consider in any food processor is the material. It is because the material of the product determines its service life as well as how much burden it can survive. For instance, the Robot Coupe – 4581 R2N Food Processor is made completely from high-quality plastic material. This quality ensures that your product has the strength of steel but, at the same time, weighs less than polymer. Furthermore, the sturdy plastic design also prevents the chances of getting a shock from the processor. Therefore, the R2N combination food processor is certified frustration-free.

Secondly, the S-blades are made from premium stainless steel material. This material is self-sharpening and therefore keeps the blades efficient to cut through any material. Moreover, the S-blades are so optimally sharp that you will always end up with a perfect coarse texture no matter what you are chopping. Finally, the plastic mixing bowl is also made from durable material that can resist a very high value of impact. In short, all these sturdy materials combine to form the most heavy-duty food processor in the world.


The second essential component of any food processor is its motor. The motor of the machine determines how fast and efficiently it will chop the different kinds of food in it. Therefore, the Robot-Coupe 12-Cup Food Processor comes with a 1 HP motor, which is the most powerful in the food processor world. As a matter of fact, all of the Robot-Coupe’s most popular, basic models have the same direct-drive 1 HP motor. Furthermore, this motor is cooled with the help of a built-in fan, so you can operate this chopper for a very long time without any breaks. This feature makes these machines the most suitable Restaurant Equippers.

The 1HP motor of this KitchenAid Food Processor is definitely something that you cannot find in any other machine. This motor doesn’t depend on a belt for operation and thus offers minimum resistance to the moving blades. As a result, you get the maximum blade speed of as fast as 1725 revolutions per minute. Therefore, Robot-Coupe claims you will be able to prepare as many as 850 servings in less than three hours. This motor is even certified by electrical product safety for better user experience and quietness during processing.


People buy food processors for their restaurant kitchen because they are multifunctional. It means that you can discard your other kitchen gadgets once you get your hands on a Commercial 3 qt Food Processor Direct-way machine. For instance, you can use this product for many applications such as kneading, pureeing, mixing, mincing, and chopping. Moreover, the food processor even makes your life easier by taking over time-consuming tasks like meshing potatoes or cheese grating.

Cutter bowl:

The Robot-Coupe R2N features a 3-quart grey cutter bowl. For those of you who don’t know, 3 quarts is equal to almost 12-13 cups of food. This cutter bowl is fitted with a transparent lid for you to easily monitor the delicate products. This large capacity bowl can be filled with a single ingredient for grating, meshing, or peeling, or even with batches of multiple ingredients to create a perfect blend.

The clear transparent blades allow you to constantly monitor your food. This keeps the food at an optimum condition and prevents under or over mixing, chopping, or batching of the material. You are also in charge of how much material goes into the grey bowl at once and at what speed it is processed. Therefore, this multifunctional bowl gives you complete control of your cooking all the time.


This food processor even comes with a vegetable preparation attachment. That, too, is extremely beneficial both in the field and in-home kitchen. For instance, it comes with an outer ejection chute. This chute acts as virtual storage for your food processor. You can fill it up with several delicate ingredients and get back to make other preparations. The R2N processor will take care of the rest by slowly lining up the material and processing it at a continuous rate. You can use the vegetable attachment to grate, slice, and julienne vegetables into another straight-sided bowl for mixing.

The vegetable prep attachment has two kidney-shaped feeder tubes for different sizes of food. The larger kidney tube is suitable for large veggies like carrots, cucumber, and even radish. On the contrary, the smaller feeder kidney tubes are suitable for celery-like vegetables. As a result, only the right size and quantities of food go into the dish as ingredients while the other is retained in the tube.  Moreover, this vegetable attachment is straightforward to install and wash after processing food.

Finally, the R2N comes equipped with 3 blade/disc removable attachments. The blades are made from highly durable stainless steel material, while the disk is perforated and also made of steel. The S-blade is very useful because it acts as the connexon of the motor with blade. All the other 25 attachments are configured to work with the help of the S-blade and act as secondary accessories. Besides the S-blade, you can also use the grating disc of 2mm thickness and the vegetable prep attachment. These attachments are beneficial but still don’t help in other kitchen works, right? However, there are 23 additional attachments that you can get to add more flexibility to the multifunctional food processor.

Processing Quality:

Obviously, you are looking for the best processing quality when looking for a food processor. So, let me tell you that the Robot-Coupe RN2 lives up to its reputation. Everything about this machine makes you regret why you did not buy it before. The list for the valuable feature of the R2N is huge to describe in a single paragraph but long-story-short, the R2N food processor will most likely become the best decision you have ever made.   

R2N models are famous for being powerful, efficient machines. Even in the standard model, the critics could not find even a single flaw to prove the reputation wrong. The most dominant feature of the R2N is the continuous feed bowl, along with the 25 useful attachments. It allows you to get your focus off of the processing and become more efficient with your cooking.

Setting up:

According to the Robot-Coupe claims, you don’t need to set this processor the first time. It means that the machine comes ready to use right out of the box. However, what the experts found was a little different. The device itself was equipped, but you have to install the attachment you want manually. Overall, the R2N setup is one of the most straightforward that the experts have ever seen.

Secondly, the Robot-Coupe RN2 is slightly complex to wash after every use. However, you will get used to the mechanism after washing it one or two times while taking help from the manual. Furthermore, these Cuisinart Food Processors are not suitable for washing in a dishwasher. Therefore, you will need another employee to wash this commercial-grade food processor. The attachments and other parts of the machine like the work bowl,  product inventory, and minimal attachments are easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean.


After using the Cutter Mixer Food Processor, you definitely want to store it somewhere. Therefore, the buying Advice for Food Processors says that you should have a designated space to store this machine. Unfortunately, it is not possible to store this processor on a single stand as it comes with many attachments. The motor base is box-shaped, and you can try to stack the grey plastic bowl on top of it. However, the other attachments and the blades will not fit in this assembly. Therefore, it would be best to get an extra blade stand when purchasing this food processor.


  • Great performance
  • relatively affordable
  • basic commercial food processor
  • Suitable for business and home kitchen
  • Easy to wash
  • Great versatility
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent performance
  • Long warranty
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic operation


  • The motor should not be used for more than 3 hours continuously
  • Attachments need to be bought separately
  • The cutter bowl is not transparent except for the lid.

Benefits of a food processor:

Are you still wondering whether you should buy a food processor or not? Unfortunately, you are not alone; more than 30% of Americans are still missing out on the benefits of a food processor. Although, there are numerous advantages of having a food factory in your house, some of them are:

Shred stuff:

Shredding is probably the most annoying requirement of cooking. In fact, many people buy pre-shredded food to avoid this process, which is expensive and not fresh. Therefore, a food processor will help you shred anything from chicken to cheese without even touching it. So, now you can spend your time planning the toppings rather than tiring your nails in shredding stuff.

Dips and sauces:

Did you know that most of the dip factories use a giant food processor to make things fast and efficient? Moreover, you can also get the rich, silky texture on your every dip by using a basic food processor. So now your hummus. Ranch or even pistachio sauce will become yummier than ever before.

Multifunctional machine:

The most significant benefit of using a food processor in your home kitchen is that it can easily replace many of your kitchen gadgets and make room for much other stuff like food and ingredients. For instance, you can use the food processor to shred, which takes away the shredder. You can use it for kneading or making dough for pizza. There goes the dough maker. Similarly, you can also make a cake and other food using the food processor, so you don’t need an electric blender or mixer anymore. In short, a food processor is, in reality, a food factory that can fulfill your every requirement and save your money by taking away other gadgets.

Storage and cleaning:

Food processors are compact machines, and you only need to take out the attachment that you need. Therefore, these machines are effortless to clean by using minimal attachments in a single dish. Furthermore, most food processors can easily fit inside a drawer. Hence, they are better than having different machines for a specific task.


Should I get a blender or a food processor?

Blenders can only perform only one task; blend and mix ingredients. On the other hand, food processors have a wide range of applications. Therefore, if you have the money, you should always go for the food processor.

What to consider when buying a food processor?

Food processors have many components, and each of them is useful for some applications. However, you should look for mixing bowl size, volume, manufacturer, warranty, motor speed and power, blades, attachments, material, and price.

What is the best way to make salsa?

The best way to make salsa is to pre-cook the tomatoes, sauté the ingredients, and process using the best food processor that you can find.


To wrap it up, food processors are the essential requirement of any restaurant kitchen and home kitchens. However, you need to be careful about which machine you get because not every processor is as good as the manufacturer claims. I hope that this continuous Feed Food Processor review has helped you make up your mind about buying one for your kitchen.