Robot Coupe MP450 Turbo Review: Your Handheld Blender For Life!

The market is flooding with low-quality handheld blenders. There is a great chance that you have had your fair share of such blenders that don’t work, and your effort goes fruitless. However, it won’t be wise to give up on handheld blenders without trying out the Robot Coupe MP450 Turbo mixer. It is one of the best handheld blenders that will fulfill your every requirement.

If you have any idea about kitchen gadgets, you have probably heard about Robot coupe. They are known to manufacture some of the best kitchen tools for both professional and home users. The MP450 is their flagship product designed to take care of all your kitchen needs. This machine has a stainless steel construction that ensures that the device lasts for a very long time. In this Robot Coupe MP450 review, I will discuss all the Product Details that you should know before purchasing this beast of a machine.

Product Description:

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 18 inches
  • Wattage: 720 Watts
  • Motor: 1 1/10 HP
  • Speed: 12000
  • Automatic speed
  • Ampere: 6 Amps
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Capacity: 100 Quarts
  • Detachable attachments

Features of the MP450 blender:

If scientific inventions have given anything useful to commercial kitchens, it is the handheld blenders. They are modern equipment that saves your time and increases your work efficiency. For instance, if you have a handheld blender such as MP450, your life will be much easier. You don’t need to assign a single blending task to all the staff members of your agency. Instead, the chef will be able to blend ingredients within the pot while cooking. Moreover, there are several other useful features in MP450 that ensure user comfort at all levels.


Handheld blenders are bulky commercial equipment that has a powerful motor installed in a very compact housing. Moreover, the weight of the motor, along with the heavy body, falls only on your operating arm, which can cause fatigue. However, some manufacturers like the Robot Coupe use innovative techniques to minimize the load on your arm. This is done by adjusting the grip in such a way that the design features load to be equally distributed in your hand, wrist, arm, and shoulders. Moreover, all this weight is further supported by your back due to the unique angle of the ergonomic handle.

Secondly, the motor of the blender is present at a calculated position close to the grip. This ensures that the moment arm is reduced, and as a result, a lower resistance force is required by your wrist to keep the machine at a steady position. Last but not least, the sturdy handle of the MP450 is covered with a soft rubber grip. This handle increases your grip with the increase in moisture on the handle. As a result, there is no danger that the machine will slip from your hand if the hand becomes wet due to sweat or steam. Moreover, the special grip also makes it easy to handle the machine for more extended periods without hurting your palm.


The blades are the most important component of any blender. The sharper the blades, the faster you can blend your ingredients. Moreover, sharp blades also reduce the amount of power required by the motor. Thus your product’s service life also increases by using sharp blades. Therefore, the MP450 handheld blender comes with the best stainless steel blades available in the blenders.

These blades don’t get dull quickly and last for a very long time. Therefore, you can use the MP450 food processor to make delicious soups or puree without applying any extra weight to the machinery. These sharp blades also save your time because there is no need to cut the vegetables into smaller pieces for blending. You can make puree from whole tomatoes or mash whole boiled potatoes very quickly using this blender.

Finally, these stainless steel blades of the Turbo Immersion Blender are very easy to sharpen. All you need is a sharpening swan to maintain the edges of the blades according to your usage. Moreover, experts recommend that you sharpen your blender blades every 4 months to ensure optimum functioning and reduce the strain on the motor.


The housing of the blender plays a vital role in making the machine highly durable. The housing is the outermost covering of the machine in which all the other parts are fitted for appropriate functioning. Moreover, the material of the housing also determines various factors such as weight, abrasion resistance, and protection from water damage. All these factors can make any handheld blender last for a lifetime or just for a month.

Great attention was provided in detailing the housing of the MP450 blender. Therefore, you should expect one of the best performances from this blender. For instance, the housing is entirely made from stainless steel, which is both durable and resistant to corrosion. As a result, maximum hygiene conditions are satisfied, so you can feel free to immerse your blender in any cooking pot.

Moreover, stainless steel is a special form of steel that does not absorb any external material. Therefore, no food will stick to the housing shaft of the blender no matter how much continuous operation it is immersed in the container. As a result, you can use this blender to make fruit desserts, blend delicious soup or even make vegetable puree without thinking about the lengthy cleaning process.


The motor of the machine determines how fast and efficiently it will blend the different kinds of food in it. Moreover, the motor is also the heaviest component of the blender, so it can add a lot to the total weight of the blender. Therefore, manufacturers try to add a motor that is efficient, powerful, and lightweight all at the same time. Robot Coupe is one of the few brands to find such suitable motors that fulfill all these requirements without adding to the cost of the machine.

The MP450 turbo blender comes with a powerful 1 1/10 horsepower motor. This motor creates a perfect balancer between weight and power to make this blender even more efficient. For instance, the powerful motor consumes only 720 Watts to produce a beastly speed of up to 12000 revolutions per minute. Moreover, this speed can also be controlled using the locking button present on the handle of the blender.

This powerful motor is strategically placed close to the grip of the MP450 blender to reduce strain on your arm. Moreover, this motor is enclosed in a watertight motor housing to keep it away from liquids and food during operation. Moreover, this housing also makes the blender waterproof, so you can easily wash the blender before and after using it for blending. Lastly, continuous operation of the blender makes the motor become hot. Thus the air vents in the housing keep the motor ventilated and provide it with fresh air all the time.


The most delicate part of any blender is the power cord. It is also the portion that becomes frayed within a few uses due to the intense use and harsh environment of your kitchen. No matter how strong the cord is, it is prone to wear out with the passage of time. Therefore, Robot Coupe has found a perfect solution to this general problem with handheld blenders. They use a detachable power cord in their MP450 to keep it away from the harshness of the commercial kitchen.

This detachable power cord is also very easy to assemble and disassemble. All you need is to press the dethatching button, and the power cord will get released by applying just a little force. Moreover, this feature also makes the machine functional for a very long time. It is because power cords are the first to get torn out while the Stainless steel construction remains intact. So, you can just swap the old power cord with a brand new one to make the machine functional again.

Moreover, Cord winding is another useful function of the MP450. There is an automatic winding system in the machine that allows you to wind the cord by pressing just a single trigger. This winding mechanism prevents the cord from permeant deformation and also increases the life of the power cord plugs by keeping them secure within the stainless steel tube.


The most difficult part of having a handheld blender is to clean it regularly. It is because the machine is so compact that it is very difficult to assemble and disassemble all the time for cleaning purposes. Moreover, most of the blenders are made from plastic material that provides an adhesive surface for the food to stick. Hence, you need to use cleaning gels to remove the food by lots of rubbing. On the contrary, the Robot Coupe is very easy to take apart and clean using just water and a damp piece of cloth.

The Robot Coupe MP450 is made entirely from stainless steel. This material provides no adhesive surface for the food to stick. Moreover, stainless steel is also safe from corrosion, unlike other forms of steel. Therefore, you can clean this blender without any hassle.


It is very easy to store the MP450 inside a cabin or drawer of your kitchen. The stainless steel bell and the blades are very easy to take apart from the main unit. Moreover, you can also detach the motor from the shaft to save even more space. Finally, you can place all these components in a basket, bag, or packaging and store them in tidy storage.

How To Store MP450 blender?

Most people are confused about how to appropriately store their blender after using and cleaning. So, they just put it back inside the packaging and store it in a shady place which is dangerous. It is because after you are done cleaning, the machine remains wet for some time. Though it may appear to be completely dry on the outside, there is still some water residue left on certain parts of the blender. The residue water can easily damage the housing, or worse, it may enter the motor housing in the form of vapors. Therefore, you should

Therefore, the best way to store a handheld blender after cleaning is to let it dry in an open place for about 2 hours. When it appears completely dry, wipe the components with a dry piece of cloth and store them in an airy place. In short, It is not recommended to store the MP450 blender inside the packaging right after cleaning. It is best to let it dry out in an open place and store it within a cabin or a drawer with tidy storage.


  • Perfect for commercial kitchens
  • It can be used for blending large batches of food
  • Best heavy-duty handheld blender
  • Ergonomic in use
  • Detachable power cord
  • Adjustable speed
  • Powerful motor
  • Highly durable
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • There are not enough attachments for this handheld blender


Does the Robot Coupe MP450 have variable speed?

Yes, you can adjust the RPM of the blade using the lock button present on the grip of the blender. Moreover, you can also choose to run the pulse as low, medium, and high.

How to blend raw apple with a handheld blender?

You can use a heavy-duty blender such as Robot Coupe MP450 to blend raw apples. The powerful motor, along with the sharp blades, allow you to blend almost every fruit and vegetable.

Does the MP450 come with any attachments?

No, the MP450 is shipped with only the housing unit and the detachable blades and tube. However, you can choose to buy extra attachments compatible with this handheld turbo blender.


The Robot Coupe MP450 is one of the best heavy-duty handheld blenders for professionals. You can use them to blend and crush some of the hard raw fruits and vegetables without cutting them into smaller pieces. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable handheld blender for your commercial kitchen, your best option is the MP450.