Robot Coupe CL50 Review- 2021

According to Gordan Ramsey, the key to a perfectly cooked food is the cutting of ingredients. Therefore, people spend 30% of their kitchen time cutting, grating, and slicing food ingredients. No matter how relaxing the cutting may be, you always feel the need for a faster way to dice the delicate vegetables. The Robot Coupe CL50 is one such vegetable prep machine that can make your lifestyle even better.

The CL50 is one of the best Vegetable preparation machines that are both reliable and multifunctional. You can use this food processor for both residential and commercial usage. The whole Robot Coupe E-series is very dependable, and many chefs around the world prefer these food processors over any other. This Robot Coupe CL50 Review will discuss everything from the features to design and functionality.


  • Voltage: 120V 
  • Power:  912 watts
  • Speed:375 rpm
  • Stainless steel motor base
  • Material: Polycarbonate & metal
  • Attachments: 50 discs available
  • Load capacity 2.2 liters


The CL50 is a Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor, which means that you can add all the food at once without worrying about overloading. The smart discs and blades will efficiently slice and grate the vegetables one piece at a time automatically. Therefore, there is no need to stand around the processor and feed the veggies manually to the food factory.


The most essential part of any major food processor is the hopper. It is because the hopper will determine the number of vegetables as well as the size of vegetables that you can crush to small food particles in the food processor. Luckily, the Robot Coupe food processor comes with two large hoppers that can accommodate several vegetables simultaneously.

For instance, the large kidney hopper has a 139 cm2 surface area. You can use this hopper for processing bulky and round veggies such as cabbage. It means that you don’t need to cut the cabbage into smaller pieces to fit inside the hopper. Moreover, you can also use this Continuous Feed Food Processor to crush larger quantities of vegetables like tomatoes. This metal vegetable bowl can fit as many as 10 large tomatoes in a single batch.

Secondly, the cylindrical hopper is also very useful for cutting long vegetables like cucumbers and gourds. The Vegetable preparation machine will efficiently peel and crush these linear vegetables to make the perfect salad or dip without making any food residue. Therefore, both the hoppers of the CL50 are highly advantageous for both professionals and home users.


Robot Coupe is one of the largest manufacturers of food processors in the world. Their products are very reliable and are made from the very best material possible. The discs are the most crucial part of the Cutter Mixer Food Processor because the efficiency of the machine depends upon these blades and discs.

The EL50 comes with as many as 20 stainless steel discs. All these discs are specified according to the type of food and their function. For example, some processing discs are suitable for cutting, some for mixing, and the rest can be used for grating and mixing. Therefore, it is best only to use the specialized disc according to your requirement.

Moreover, the food processor can also be fitted with a stainless steel chopping blade. This blade is very sharp and can chop even the hardest vegetables like potatoes in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the blade is self-sharpening and stays functional for many years before requiring maintenance. In short, all these Serrated blades and discs combine to make this food processor multifunctional.


Most of the food processors are made from either plastic or metal. Both these materials have their own set of advantages and hazards. For instance, plastic food machines are lightweight, waterproof, and shockproof, but their impact resistance is very low. On the contrary, metallic food processors are heavyweight, durable but prone to corrosion and can cause shock.

Therefore, the Robot Coupe CL50 is made from a combination of both these materials. It is made from heavy-duty polycarbonate, which is stronger than plastic. The preparation machine has the durability of steel during the weight of plastic. The motor base is also made from the same polycarbonate material. This polycarbonate motor base ensures that the machine will not break even if you put something as hard as ice inside the food processor.

The vegetable bowls are made entirely from high-quality steel. It ensures that the machine remains functional for a very long time without requiring maintenance or part replacement. Furthermore, the processing discs of the device are made from stainless steel and are self-sharpening. It means that you can prepare almost any kind of food in the Robot Coupe CL50.


The CL50 is a professional-grade combination food processor that is suitable for both home and restaurant kitchens. The design of the machine is optimized to meet the requirements of long-term usage without having to worry about clogging, jamming, or handle with care. This heavy-duty food processor contains no hooks or hinges where food residue can collect. This feature allows you to use the machine without having to clean up after every operation. You can simply clean the food processor at the end of the day before leaving the kitchen.

All the parts of the machine follow screw-less technology. Basically, all the attachments and parts are put together using cutouts and fixing joints. This feature allows you to take out the parts and accessories without using any special tools. You can then put the components in a home dishwasher or clean with your hands, depending on your necessities. Therefore, this machine is designed to achieve all the standards of hygiene for both businesses and homes.

The mixing bowls are larger in size and can fit almost every vegetable that you throw in them. The specialized hoppers provide you with the option to process either linear or bulky vegetables without having to worry about the size. Moreover, the lid of the machine is transparent, which means that you can watch the food as it is being processed. Overall, the CL50 is one of the best food processors designed to make your life as comfortable as possible.


The motor is the most essential component of any food processing machine. It provides the device with the mechanical energy to drive the blades and process your food. Therefore, the first that you should look for in a food processor is motor quality. No matter how many great features that the machine has, if the motor is underpowered, the machine will be a flop.

The CL50 comes with a powerful 1HP stainless steel motor. This motor is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and abrasion-resistant. Therefore, you should expect no less than perfection from this food processing unit. The powerful motor is direct-drive and doesn’t depend on any belts or brushes. Therefore, a minimum amount of resistance is offered to its motion, and you get the highest speed possible. This 1HP motor can rotate the processing discs as fast as 375 rotations per minute while consuming very little energy.

Moreover, the steel motor base is also very durable and will withstand the harsh environment of the kitchen. As a matter of fact, some users have even reported that they use their CL50 as an ice crushing machine for making smoothies. As you know, ice tends to jump around when being crushed; it hits against the walls of the food processor, especially the motor base. However, the high-quality material of the food processor prevents it from breaking even after such harsh usage.

Features of the Robot Coupe CL50:

As you know, just raw power is not enough to make a food processor the best. In fact, power and efficiency only add up to 30% to the machine’s performance. The rest, 70%, depends upon the smart features that the food processor brings with it. These features determine whether or not the model is reliable enough to replace a lot of your other kitchen gadgets.

Easy to assemble:

The most challenging task of food preparation is to assemble the food processor before every use. As the machines are very large in size, you can’t store them in a drawer without disassembly. However, most food processors require special tools like screwdrivers for their assembly, which can be very tiresome, especially for females. Therefore, the CL50 follows an innovative screw-less technology.

Basically, the screw-less means that you don’t need to tighten or loosen any screw or nuts when assembling the food processor. All the parts and attachments of this machine are interlocked by smart cutouts. These cutouts are designed especially according to the shape and size of the attachments and provide the perfect lock every time. Moreover, there is one tightening handle that you can use to tighten the cutouts in case the cutouts become loose with the passage of time. Overall, the food processor is straightforward to assemble, and you can do it blindfolded after the first time.


Sometimes, the food processors feel like you are flying an airplane. There are so many switches and buttons that you need to press before the machine can start. Not only that, some food processors even require you to fit the hopper in a certain position. Otherwise, the machine will not start or function till the hopper is fitted perfectly. Therefore, the CL50 Robot Coupe food processor has a distinct feature of ease of use. You can get the machine started with 2 push-button controls.

The green button gets the motor started with a fast speed. You can run the motor with or without the hopper in the correct position. This means that you can use this food processor to use a number of other attachments that fit the cutouts. The red button clearly has stop written all over it. You can press this button to instantly stop the machine as soon as the work is completed.


Food processing can never be more manageable when all you have to do is press the start button and start preparing the vegetables. Ergonomic usage means that you can efficiently perform the task using one hand only. Moreover, the operation is completely safe because your hand remains at least 10 inches away from the processing discs all the time.

The food processor comes with two handles specific to the size of the hopper. The cylindrical hopper has a black handle that you can use to push the large linear vegetables in the discs. On the other hand, the kidney-shaped hopper comes with a bulky white handle to push the veggies. However, you don’t need to push the bulky veggies as often because they get forced into the blades due to their self-weight.

The only drawback of the ergonomic operation is that the induction motor is single-phase only. It means that there is no functionality to control the speed and direction of the motor. However, the speed of the motor is fast enough to shear and grate any vegetables regardless of the size and hardness. You can put as many as 10 large tomatoes in one go and still get satisfactory results.


  • Highly durable
  • Strong, lightweight material
  • Polycarbonate motor base
  • Steel induction motor
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Multifunctional attachments
  • Stainless steel blades and discs
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compatible with dishwasher
  • Low power consumption


  • Some users reported that there is no way to control the speed and direction of the blades.
  • The product is relatively expensive as compared to other such food processors.


Can you sharpen Robot Coupe CL50 blades?

The stainless steel blades don’t get dull very quickly. However, you can still sharpen the edges using a sharpening swan or steel sharpener. It is recommended to sharpen your food processor blades every 6 months.

What can I do with the Robot Coupe CL50?

The Robot Coupe CL50 is a Continuous Feed Food Processor that you can use for cutting, slicing, and grating vegetables, make dips and sauces, and for a number of other uses.

Where are the Robot Coupe food processors manufactured?

Robot Coupe is the most popular brand for food processors. All their products are manufactured and assembled in France.


Robot Coupe food processors are very reliable and durable. The CL50 is their model of vegetable processors. You can use this machine to cut, slice and grate both bulky and longer vegetables using the appropriate attachments. The machine is straightforward to assemble, and you can use it using one hand only. I hope that this article has provided you the information that you were looking for about the Robot Coupe CL50 food processor.