Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Latest Review Of 2021

Swimming pools are a great way to relieve yourself from a stressful life. However, the same pool can serve as an object of distress if you find it full of leaves and other debris. You don’t have the time to clean the pool yourself, and the pool maintenance guys charge a lot than they should. That’s where the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 comes to the rescue.

The Polaris 360 are the latest Polaris models of ground pool cleaners with even more optimized mechanisms than their predecessors. This product uses advanced technology cleaning techniques to ensure healthy and fresh water to help clear your mind. However, this device is slightly heavy on the pocket. Thus it is beneficial to read this Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 latest review before confirming your order.

Product specifications:

  • Pool type: ground pools
  • Triple jets technology
  • Durable material
  • Large capacity bag
  • Vacuum Inlet: 2 ¼”
  • Pressure nozzle spray
  • Dimensions: 20 x 10 x 22.75 in
  • Weight: 14 lbs.

Customer ratings:

  • Easy to install       4.4
  • Suction power      4.2
  • Value for money  4.1
  • Tech Support       3.8

Why Do You Need The Polaris 360?

Before I start the Polaris 360 review, it would be best to know whether or not you need this device for your pool. The 360 is an automatic pool cleaning robot that uses dedicated pressure jets along with a powerful suction motor to clear all the debris, pebbles, algae, and leaves from the different parts of the pool. The machine is straightforward to set, and you can easily get started just by following the installation videos on YouTube.

The main benefit of purchasing a  pool cleaner is to save yourself from the recurring cost of pool maintenance every now and then. The professionals charge you a lot of money for a very easy job, and that too lasts only for a few weeks. Therefore, the Polaris vac-sweep is one of the permanent solutions to your pool-related problems.

Though pool cleaning is also a satisfying task on its own. But not everyone has the time to clear the chunks of debris and that too on a weekly basis. That’s why you need the Polaris 360 that cleans the pool like a professional without charging any money from your pockets. Moreover, this machine is intelligent enough to determine the type of debris and uses a unique filter for debris accordingly.

How Is It Different From Others?

The Polaris 360 model is an all-in-one solution to all your pool-cleaning problems. What makes it different from the rest is that other pool cleaners come with the same promise to cut short the expenses, but in reality, they only increase the money spent. For instance, other pool cleaners require you to buy extra accessories to fit with the device for easy operation. This means that not only do you have to pay for the cleaner but also buy separate accessories to get started with the cleaning.

On the other hand, the biggest advantage to the 360 models is that you do not require extras such as a separate booster pump. It comes with everything that you are going to need to keep your pool clean for a very long time. Similarly, other pool cleaners require you to constantly monitor them to ensure that they are not trapped. Moreover, you have to manually control the cleaning location and tight corners. This means that other devices won’t clean the sharp corners without your supervision.

The Polaris 360 offers some features that make you prefer it over other similar products. For example, this cleaner automatically detects the debris and moves all across the pool on its own, cleaning and collecting debris. It means that all you need is to set it up only once, and the cleaner will take care of even the farthest corner of your pool, including pool stairs.

Cleaning mechanism of the Polaris 360:

The Polaris 360 has many features that make it robust and more efficient than any other pool cleaner in the world. For instance, it is based on advanced technology cleaning jets mechanism to clear debris from all types of pools with equal ease. The Polaris 360 is equipped with not one, not two but triple powerful jet nozzles. These powerful pressure jets spray water at a very high speed on the pool floor to clear out the jammed rubbles from the floor of the pool, even from the pressure side pools.

Next, the tail sweeper hose acts as a virtual vacuum cleaner for the pool. It scrubs all the hard, stuck debris from the pool left behind by the powerful jet spray. This allows the machine to take out 99% of the dirt without damaging any portion of your pool.  

Finally, a very powerful suction motor sucks all the water and quality debris from the sprayed side. It collects debris inside a large capacity bag. The filtered water is pushed back into the pool by means of the foot hose of this automatic pool cleaner. What makes this machine more efficient is the belt-driven mechanism of the motor rather than the traditional shaft-driven. This enables the machine to perform twice the mechanical operations while consuming only half power.

Features of Polaris 360:

The 360 cleaner is the latest generation of pool cleaners. Therefore, it comes with the most advanced features and parts that make this machine the best in the whole world. All the components are specially designed to meet the requirements of modern men who don’t have the time to attend to the pool maintenance. Therefore, the Polaris optimized this pool cleaner to work in the same manner as a human and effectively collect debris from the floor of the pool.

Triple nozzle:

The three venturi jet nozzles of the 360 are the most important components of this machine. Other cleaners depend upon mechanical scrapers that use sharp plates or sheets to clear dirt and debris from the floor of the pool. This mechanism not only consumes more power but also can cause potential damage to your pool. It is because most of the modern pools are made from fiberglass. As a result, the sharp plates of other pool cleaners scrape off chunks of the floor along with debris and damage the pool.

On the contrary, the Polaris 360 sprays powerful jets of water on the surface of the pool. This spray can clear away even the most tightly stuck chunks of debris without requiring any extra work. Moreover, this powerful spray also allows the machine to clear even those farthest corners of the pool, which are usually inaccessible by others. In short, the triple jets of the 360 are more effective in cleaning the debris than any other competitor in the field.

Belt-driven motor:

The Polaris 360 is based on innovative technology for the motors as well. Typically, pool cleaners come with shaft-driven motors that are not as powerful and are not suitable for climbing steeper surfaces like pool stairs. As a result, half of your pool is cleaned while the other half remains in the same condition even after spending so much money.

Therefore, Polaris decided to include something in their product that will open the doors for new possibilities. The belt-driven motor is far more powerful than other motors of the same specifications. Thus, the cleaner can access even the steep spots and easily clear the walls and stairs of the pool without your interference. Furthermore, the belt-driven motor uses only a single turn to rotate twice. Therefore, it is more efficient and consumes lower energy to do double the work.

Anti-stuck technology:

In some cases, people left their pool robot running and went to job. When they got home, the pool was still dirty, and the cleaner was stuck in the corner of the pool. Such situations can be very devastating and can ruin your perfect day very quickly. Therefore, you need a reliable pool cleaner that you can keep running throughout the day and be relieved to see a clear pool when you return.

The Polaris 360 uses the latest back-up-valve to free itself from all sorts of blockages. For instance, if it gets stuck in a tight corner, the backup hose will be activated to turn the machine around and resume the cleaning process. Similarly, there is a chance that the robot gets stuck in the pool’s drain and can’t move ahead. In this case, the backup hose will get activated to act in the same direction as the motion of the device to release it from the blockage. Overall, you can rely on the Polaris 360 to get the job done with or without your supervision.

Large capacity:

Storage for debris is another issue with most of the pool cleaners. It is because people tend to leave the cleaner unattended for some hours while cleaning. As a result, they quickly run out of storage, and the cleaner spreads more debris than it collects after the collection bin is full. Therefore, the Polaris 360 comes with a built-in large capacity bag. This bag is connected with the suction motor to collect the dirt, debris, rubbles, and even large leaves from the floor of the pool.

Though, the bag is large enough to keep the machine working for several hours without being filled. Some users have reported that the more full the bag is, the slower the 360 cleaner operates and wastes both time and electricity. Moreover, the debris is tough to remove from the extensive collection bag once it gets wet. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase extra-large capacity bags for the Polaris 360. This way, you can swap the collection bag whenever you feel like a load of debris is having some negative impact on the working efficiency of the cleaner.

How to maintain the Polaris 360?

The Polaris 360 is one of the most powerful pool cleaners in the world. They are built to last for several years if properly maintained by the user. Moreover, the maintenance cost for this device is also very less than other competitors that you find in the market. Here is what you need to do to appropriately maintain the Polaris 360:

  • Only use the Polaris Vac-Sweep device on in-ground types of pools. Otherwise, you risk damaging both your pool and the cleaner itself.
  • Never keep the filter bags full for too long, or else you risk damaging the belt-driven motor. Therefore, it is advised to keep checking the bag from time to time and remove the collected debris.
  • The only leaks that occur in the Polaris 360 are the head-float leaks. Check for the presence of water by shaking it and replace it if you hear any splashing.
  • Never use the cleaner while toys and other things are floating on the surface of the pool.


  • Easy to install
  • No need for a separate booster pump
  • Belt-driven motor
  • Affordable price
  • A large capacity collection bag
  • Best for in-ground pools
  • No need for constant supervision
  • Collects dirt, debris, rubble, and leaves
  • Clears sharp corners, walls, and stairs of the pool


  • Not suitable for commercial pools with large covered area
  • The collection bag is not durable and requires replacement every few months.


How long does it take the Polaris 360 to clean the pool?

Under normal conditions, the Polaris 360 takes less than 3 hours to completely clear a medium-sized pool.

Can I use the Polaris 360 to clean algae along with debris?

Yes, you can use the Polaris to clear out all kinds of pool-related debris without any worry.

What is the difference between a suction and pressure pool cleaner?

A pressure pool cleaner uses pressure jets and scraping tails to clean, while the suction cleaner uses a vacuum to do the same operation.


To put it in a nutshell, the Polaris 360 is a budget-friendly robotic pool cleaner. It has powerful venturi nozzles to clean the in-ground type of pools from dirt and debris. I hope this article has helped you make a smart decision in choosing your robotic pool cleaner.