Top 5 Robot Coupe Immersion Blender Reviews – Top Picks

Immersion blenders are probably one of the best gifts that science has given to your kitchen. These blenders make your life easy by making it possible to blend or mixing right inside the cooking pot. However, beware that the increasing demand for these handheld blenders has caused some low-quality to also be sold in the market. To avoid getting scammed, you should only buy products from trusted brands such as Robot Coupe. Therefore, in this article, I will discuss the Robot Coupe Immersion Blender product reviews.

Robot Coupe is one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen gadgets in the world. Their products are very reliable and are made from the very best material possible. Moreover, there are different variants of the immersion blenders from Robot Coupe. Each product is optimized according to the needs of a particular target group. Therefore, it is crucial to know your requirements to avoid confusion. Which one you should buy?

My recommendation:

To cut it short, most people are often the victims of low-quality blenders. If you are new to the immersion blenders world or simply looking for the best heavy-duty handheld blender for your kitchen. My personal recommendation to you is to check out the Robot Coupe MP450 Turbo immersion blender. It is one of the most powerful and intelligent blenders that you can get at a discounted price.

The Comparison Between The Top 5 Robot Coupe Blender:

All the Robot Coupe products are reliable and durable. However, RC is known to created personalized products for targeted customers. For instance, some of their immersion blenders are suitable for professional and commercial kitchens. On the other hand, the rest of the products are for home users and other audiences.

MP 450 TurboSize: 18 inchesMax Speed: 12,000 RPMSelf-regulating speed
CMP 250 VVSize: 10 inchesMax Speed: 10,000 RPMAdjustable speed
MMP 190 VV 8” MiniSize: 8 inchesMax Speed: 12,500 RPMSelf-regulating speed
MMP160VV 7” MiniSize: 7 inchesMax Speed: 12,500 RPMAdjustable speed
MicroMix (Hand mixer)Size: 7 inchesMax Speed: 14,000 RPMAdjustable speed

Top 5 Robot Coupe Immersion Blenders Reviews:

Not every product is as good as advertised by the manufacturer. Therefore, I have shortlisted only the best blenders from Robot Coupe:

MP 450 Turbo 18: Best heavy-duty immersion blender

Robot Coupe MP450 is the flagship model of their immersion blender lineage. These blenders are entirely made from stainless steel and have a powerful motor. Therefore, if you are looking for a heavy-duty Robot Coupe immersion blender, the MP450 Turbo is second to none.

Robot Coupe uses innovative techniques to minimize the load on your arm. This is done by adjusting the grip in such a way that the design features load to be equally distributed in your hand, wrist, arm, and shoulders. Therefore, you can use this robust blender for continuous operation without feeling fatigued on your arm.

The 18 inches long shaft of this blender ensures that the motor and the handle remain at a considerable distance from the food. Moreover, the housing, as well as the blades of the MP450 turbo, are made from stainless steel. Therefore, you can use this blender for blending, mixing, cutting, and mashing even the hard raw fruits and vegetables.


  • The speed lock button restricts the RPM
  • Powerful 1 1/10 HP motor
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Stainless steel tube
  • Commercial immersion blender
  • Watertight motor housing
  • Detachable power cord


  • The speed cannot be set as low, medium, or high
  • Not enough attachments are provided with the blender.

CMP 250 VV: Top pick for home kitchens

The CMP 250VV immersion blender is more of a family gadget. Its innovative design favors mobility rather than continuous usage. The handle of the blender is adjusted to provide minimum fatigue to your wrist. Moreover, the motor of the blender is present at a calculated position close to the grip. Therefore, you can efficiently operate this blender single-handedly while performing other chores.

The high-quality motor is both lightweight and energy-efficient. However, it is not as powerful as the MP450’s motor. But still, you will be able to blend almost every material using the sharp stainless blades of the CMP250. Furthermore, it comes with a variable speed feature which comes in handy, especially in home cooking.

You can set the speed of the blades according to the food you are cooking. For example, soup and puree require low to medium speed, while crushing raw fruits and vegetables requires fast speed. Therefore, the speed control feature makes the RC CMP250 truly an immersion blender for families.


  • Variable RPM speed
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to operate
  • Energy-efficient


  • Not designed to be operated for an extended amount of time.
  • This stick blender is not waterproof

MMP 190 VV 8” Mini: Best compact immersion blender

Usually, the commercial kitchens have at least two handheld blenders—one heavy-duty for performing continuous blending and a compact that keeps moving around the kitchen. The MMP190 VV is one such compact blender that you can pass around from one chef to the other in the kitchen.

The small size and lightweight of the MMp190 VV make it extremely useful for commercial kitchens. There are times when you only need to blend for a couple of minutes, and taking out the sturdy blender just isn’t reasonable. Therefore, you need a compact blender such as this to get the job done without using much energy.

Secondly, the straight handle design of the MMP190 makes it easy to use dough blades. The stainless steel shaft of this blender makes it considerably durable. Of course, the portable blender needs to be durable because it will be used a lot more than the larger immersion blender in the kitchen. Overall, if you are looking for the perfect side-blender, the MMP190 will not disappoint you in any way.


  • Compact size
  • Portable immersion blender
  • steel removable blades
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Lightweight steel housing


  • Complex to disassemble and hence difficult to clean.

MMP160VV 7” Mini: Palm-held immersion blender

The biggest complaint that immersion blenders receive is that their products produce a lot of fatigue to the wrists. It is true to some extent because powerful motors produce so much torque that it becomes tiresome to control the machine single-handedly. Therefore, the MMP160 is the best simple average palm-held immersion blender for you.

The ergonomic palm design of the handle allows you to control the machine single-handedly without spoiling your blending pattern. This feature makes the MMP160 blender perfect for making sauces, delicious soups, and fruit desserts. In short, if you are looking for the perfect mini immersion blender for your home, you should check this one out.


  • Speed regulatory system
  • Stainless steel tube
  • Replacement parts are easy to find
  • Detachable blade
  • Power mixer
  • Durable design


  • This blender is not suitable for commercial kitchens.

Robot Coupe MICROMIX: Best power mixer for commercial use

Restaurant chefs can only cook perfectly if they have the right equipment. For instance, you need a food processor for preparing food, a heavy-duty blender for hefty tasks, and a power mixer for preparing sauces, soups, and puree. Therefore, to make your business a hit, it would be best to introduce your chefs to the RC MicroMix power mixer immersion blender.

Every part and component of this machine makes it more suitable for your business. For example, the handheld grip allows you to use the mixer with accuracy, the removable blades make it easy to clean. Similarly, you can also use a number of other attachments with this mixer as well to turn it into a portable immersion blender.


  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Stainless steel motor
  • It comes in a number of product colors
  • Stainless steel wall storage
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Lightweight


  • You can’t use it as your main immersion blender.

Benefits of an immersion Blender:

Immersion blenders are the modern form of kitchen blending machines. The plus point of having an immersion blender is that you can use it as a mixer or blender right inside the cooking pot. Unfortunately, the previous kitchen blenders required you to take out the food from the pot, blend it, make a mess and then put the blended food back in the pot for cooking. This process was not only messy but also wasted a lot of your precious time, especially in the case of restaurant kitchens. Moreover, you can use the immersion blender for cutting and meshing fresh fruits and vegetables, which would take a lot of time in any other kitchen gadget.

My criteria for product selection:

As you already know, there are hundreds of immersion blenders available in the market. After dropping the low-quality devices, there are still a lot of products to compare before making your final decision. Therefore, I have formed basic criteria for selecting the top contestants from a list of immersion blenders. Some of these specifications are:


The first thing that you need to consider in an immersion blender is the material. It is because the material of the product determines its service life as well as how much load it can bear without cracking. All the Robot Coupe products passed this test because the RC immersion blenders are mainly made out of stainless steel. This quality makes these products highly durable and resistant to corrosion and even breaking.


The second essential component of any immersion blender is its motor. The motor of the device determines how fast and efficiently it will blend or mix the different kinds of food in it. Being a chef, a stick blender is just like your sword to a knight. You need it to perform even the most basic tasks of your kitchen to save your time. Therefore, the handheld blender needs to be fast and powerful enough to blend anything that you need in a minimum amount of time.


Handheld blenders are bulky commercial equipment that has a powerful motor installed in a very compact housing. Therefore, if the load and torque are not properly managed, all the strain is transferred to your wrist. Moreover, such devices are also very hard to keep steady and might ruin your dish. In the case of Robot Coupe blenders, the motor is precisely located very close to the specially designed grip. This allows all the strain to be transferred from arms to back and finally to the ground and keep your arm in equilibrium.


What should I look for when buying an immersion blender?

Immersion blenders are a multifunctional tool. So, you should only choose a product if you know your requirements. Still, the basic specifications for immersion blenders include; material, handle, speed, motor, blades, and design.

Will immersion blender scratch pots?

Yes, if you are not careful enough with the blending height. However, the pots remain safe if you use the blender at least one inch above the pot’s bottom.

Can I use an immersion blender for mashed potatoes?

Yes, the immersion blenders have sharp stainless steel blades that you can use for blending and meshing fresh fruits like raw apples and boiled vegetables like potatoes for making mesh potatoes.

Who makes the best immersion blender?

Robot Coupe is a French manufacturer of immersion blenders. Their products are widely used by many professional chefs like Rachael Ray.

What are the main Robot Coupe immersion blender parts?

Robot Coupe immersion blenders usually consist of stainless steel components like; blades, motor housing, ergonomic handle, tube, and wall storage. You can buy the replacement parts from their online store as well as from other websites.

How to use my immersion blender without making a mess?

The blades of an immersion blender move at a very fast pace. Therefore, you should keep the tip of the blender submerged at least an inch inside the food. Otherwise, the fast-moving blades will produce splashes all over the place.

Is an immersion blender worth it?

Of course! An immersion blender makes even some of the complex kitchen tasks fast and comfortable.


To wrap it up, immersion blenders have become the basic kitchen gadget for both professionals and home users. Therefore, you should only buy such important equipment from trusted brands like Robot Coupe. I hope this article was helpful for you to choose the right product for your needs.