Best Robot Coupe Automatic Juicer Detailed Review And Comparison

It’s convenient to have the finest Juicer sitting on your table. You can prepare your favorite juices anytime you want, with the precise flavor that you like.

 And you can fill your desire with the Robot coupe automatic juicers with their exciting Features. We have prepared a short yet handy list of robot coupe juicers you can get.

Why Do You Need a Juicer?

Juicing is the route toward removing juice from verdant food varieties… The fluid contains the vast majority of the nutrients, minerals, and plant compounds.

Squeezing is better than eating whole verdant food varieties because your body can absorb the enhancements better, and it gives your stomach-related structure a rest from preparing fiber.

Squeezing can diminish your danger of malignant growth, support your safe structure, wipe out harms from your body, help retention and help you get fit as a fiddle.

The particular plan of each Juicer makes it stick out! You would now be able to deal with high volumes of top-quality squeeze rapidly and efficiently. Now, let’s dig into the item range of their Juicers.

About Robot Coupe

Robot Coupe is a famous brand in the world of food manufacturers. The firm has been producing inexpensive yet long-lasting equipment for many years.

The organization has been producing moderate yet robust machines. They create a collection of models, along with food processors and juice machines. Robot Coupe machines are not difficult to utilize and have different highlights that can make life simpler for you.

Juicers are straightforward apparatus purchases that can change how you eat. On the off chance that you’re eager about the kind of results of the dirt as of now, Juicing is an excellent technique to extricate the most enhancements from the stuff you, as of now, love. 

Food processors can be utilized for different capacities, for example, emulsifying organic products, meat, and nuts. One can likewise plan mixtures of puff cakes and bread alongside pounding potatoes and making servings of mixed greens.

1. J80 Ultra Automatic Juicer with Pulp Ejection by Robot Coupe

Robot coupe j80 Ultra is a high-quality automated juicer from the Robot coupe company.

This is one of the market’s most renowned powerful juicers. The machine’s impressive feature is its possibly the best design, which makes it simple, smooth, and speedy.

Ultra-Performance Motor

The J80 Ultra has a flexible and high-performance motor with a stainless steel base that allows you to juice a big batch swiftly. You may use the gadget for an extended period since it has the best ventilation system that prevents overheating.

Easy to Operate

Power controls the Robot Coupe J80 on/off switch. It implies you can simply hold the device’s function. Furthermore, a large nozzle allows you to insert the entire veggie or fruit into the Juicer easily.

Auto-feed Mechanism

The Robot Coupe J80 super juicer has an auto-feed system, as well as an extra-wide feeding tube that can accommodate entire fruits and vegetables. You don’t need an additional pusher for ingredients since this system handles everything for you.


Robot Coupe J80 ultra juicer is produced using stainless steel. So it makes this juicer dishwasher safe. No doubt you can clean its removable components in the dishwasher. You can likewise wash it effectively by flushing its parts under the water.

Semi-Transparent Pulp container

Through the translucent pulp container, you can now readily predict how much pulp is in the jar—so no need to remove the plastic lid every time you want to inspect the pulp amount.

Pros and  Cons


Compact Size and Weight

Stainless Steel Motor

ABS Plastic Lid

Shock -Resistant


Bit Expensive

In order to use, lid have  to be properly positioned

2. Electric Centrifugal Juicer By Robot Coupe

The Robot Coupe Electric Centrifugal Juicer is ideal for high-traffic commercial kitchens. Centrifugal juicers are quick and provide immediate and improved results.

Superior Performance

The model’s small form makes it perfect for countertop use. It’s 3 in diameter. An automated feed bowl allows customers to prepare entire veggies and fruits. The ABS plastic plunger and lid provide long-lasting and effective service.

Potent Operating Mechanism

To keep the workstation clean, the operator can utilize the ejection chute or a 7-1/2 qt container to deliver a constant flow of pulp into the bin under the countertop. To extract squeezed juice, the user can position a jug beneath its 256 mm high vent.

Ultra-Performance Motor

Its powerful motor base is made of treated steel to keep away from rust and consumption. It is specially designed for the longer and effective run to give you fresh fruit juice.

DishWasher Safe

The tempered steel juicer crate is dishwasher safe and can be handily taken out at the hour of cleaning.

User Friendly

For simple operation, there is a side-mounted control board with on/off buttons. This Electric Juicer has an anti-drip spout and a drip pan to catch juice spills and keep the workstation clean. When cleaning, all of the accessories may be readily removed.

The plastic lid prevents splashing.

The Robot Coupe J80 juicer features a polycarbonate cover, a 2.5 mm grated plate, a detachable stainless steel filter bin, a container with a no-splash spout, a drip pan, and a 6.5 waste container.

Safety Feature

For a continuous juicing operation, this motor has an efficient ventilation system and a magnetic safety switch. The Electric Juicer is equipped with a single 120V, 60 Hz electric input.

Pros and  Cons


Stainless Steel Motor base

Dishwasher Safe

Continues Flow

Automatic Feeding Tube


A better seal is required for the wastebasket.

Not Ideal for Commercial  Use

3. J100 ULTRA Automatic Juicer By Robot Coupe

The Robot Coupe J100 ULTRA Automatic Juicer is among the most powerful juicers on the market, capable of producing juice in a matter of seconds.

Ejection of Continuous Pulp

In addition, the machine has a continuous pulp ejection mechanism that removes the strain into a separate pot. Using the Juicer, you may easily juice any fruit, vegetable, or meal.

Commercial Centrifugal Motor

By rotating the blade at a high RPM, the industrial centrifugal motor is strong enough to juice the nutrients. If you need to make a large amount of juice, this Robot Coupe Juicer is an ideal choice.

Muffled Noise level

If you’re worried about the noise made by the motor during juicing, the Robot Coupe J100 Ultra is what you’re looking for. The Juicer makes less noise, and you’ll like how seamless the operation is.

Feeding Chute with Extra-Wide Opening

Its feeding chute is 79mm wide. It will help you save time on preparing. You don’t have to spend any more time slicing or peeling fruit or veggies. The large chute of the Robot Coupe J100 ultra can accommodate whole fruits and vegetables.

Stainless Steel Build

Hence it is made of stainless steel plus ABS, and you can be confident that it will stay longer on your table while providing you with fresh juice. Regardless of whether you require this Juicer for home or business use,

Cleaning Removable Parts Is Simple

It features components that may be readily removed without the use of any proper equipment. The centrifugal juicer basket can be easily detached. It is pretty simple to clean, simply washing it underwater or tossing it in the dishwasher.

Pros and Cons


There is no heating of the components.

Two way Usage

Ejected pulp into a container

Advance Pulp Ejection


Single Phase


4. C80 Automatic Pulp/Juice Extractor by Robot Coupe (Currently Unavailable)

The Robot Coupe C80 Automatic Pulp/Juice Extractor is a large-capacity juicer that can juice a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. When compared to the J80 Ultra and J100 Ultra, the machine has a distinct look.

Large Feed

Instead of a closed feed spout, the C80 has an open and wide feed tray that can hold a lot more at once.

Industrial Level Powerful Motor

The Juicer has a high RPM motor and can juice approximately 163 pounds per hour. If you’re looking for an industrial-grade juicer, the C80 could be a good fit.

Easy Operating

You do not need to chop or spill the fruit or vegetables. Simply put the cleaned goods into the Juicer, and you will receive pure and delicious juice in return.

Automatic Strainer

It also preserves the pulp that has been removed from stones, seeds, bones, and peels using an automated filter.


The majority of the machine’s parts are made of treated steel, aside from the capacity, which is built of plastic. Such materials are the elite of the device under substantial use for quite a while.

Convenient Usage

Utilizing the machine is likewise beautiful, simple like the other Juicer of the producer—Feed through the plate and on/off the button. The juice will be prepared at the briefest time.

Pros  and Cons


Removable Attachments

Huge Feed Tray

Automatic Filter

Ideal for Commercial Use


Heavy Weight

Not perfect for Home use

Editors Choice

Robot Coupe j100 Ultra is definitely the best among all the products listed above. This Juicer is perfect for use in the kitchen. It is ideal because it has a robust 1000W motor; also, it delivers a consistent, thorough speed regardless of the load. And two methods of retaining pulp.

An auto-feed system that saves preparation time, because there is ample room in between the counter and the spout of the J100 Ultra, you may immediately juice fruits and vegetables, which is an extra element in saving time,

Stainless steel protects the juice from rust and extends its shelf life. Furthermore, polycarbonate stuff does not lead to contamination in any manner, so you may continue to prepare fresh juices. The Juicers’ parts are completely waterproof, so you can easily clean them.

Because of their numerous user-friendly characteristics, these juicers are also ideal for use in cafes, coffee shops, juice bars, and hotels.

Table Of Comparison

ProductsPower & Motor SpeedBuildWeightOther  Features
J100 Ultra1000 Watt indication Motor, 1 Speed 3000RPMStainless Steel build and Polycarbonate   Lid29 Pounds Net  WeightContinues  Ejection  Pulp
Electric Centrifugal1-1 1/3 HPStainless Steel  Motor  Base33 PoundsDishwasher Safe
C80 Automatic115 V, 60HzStainless steel Build45.4 PoundsAutomatic Sieve
J80  Ultra3000 RPM, 125 HPStainless Steel Motor base16 PoundsPolycarbonate Lid

For what reason Should You Buy a Robot Coupe Automatic Juicer?

You may be thinking why Robot Coupe’s automated juicers must be your first option! Robot Coupe is a well-known producer of high-quality juicing devices. Maximum speed is one trait that all devices from this brand have in common. Just about all Robot Coupe Juicers can produce juice fast, even at greater capacities.

Robot Coupe juicer devices operate entirely automatically. That indicates all you have to do is feed the washer fruits, vegetables, and foods. There is no need for any slicing or spilling. The machines will do that for you, storing the juice and pulps in separate containers.

These juicers are easy to amass, just as they are lightweight. The Robot Coupe Automatic Juicers are a fantastic option for household and commercial usage with so many advantages. The gadget will be incredibly beneficial if you have a large family or own juice businesses.


Which is the best way to clean a Robot Coupe juicer?

Always disconnect the equipment before performing any type of cleaning. Scrub the exterior of the filter funnel with brushes or a scrubber sponge to clean the bin. After each usage, always wash the whole machine.

How does one use a Robot Coupe?

There is a power on/off button on the Juicer; the best way to use a robot coupe is to follow the instruction manual given in the box as each model operates differently.

What is the price of a Robot Coupe juicer?

Robot coupe is a premium and high-quality brand. Its different juicer models can cost you 1700$ to 3100$.

Why isn’t my Robot Coupe working?

When this happens, look for the following potential problems: There is no electricity in the outlet. Check to see whether the outlet’s breaker requires to be restored. If that doesn’t work, try a new power outlet.

What precisely does a Robot Coupe do?

The Robot Coupe professional food processor is capable of a wide range of culinary tasks. It is intended for high-speed, high-quality vegetable processing, whereas juicers are intended for extracting juice from vegetables and fruits.

What exactly is a Robot Coupe Blixer?

Blixer, the robot coupe, liquifies, grinding, chopping, purees, and polymerizes its way into the meat, vegetables, noodles, beetroot, and other foods!